Automate Your Sales Pipeline To Close More Deals In Less Time
Sales Accelerator is an easy-to-use follow up engine for LOs & Agents using Text, Email & Ringless Voicemail
Its the easiest CRM to use out there and for anyone automating their follow up, its dummy proof. Did I mention its easy?!
Troy Allen
Branch Manager, Ross Mortgage Corporation
Instructor, Military Mortgage Boot Camp
How Does It Work?
Add Contacts Into The System
Your contacts are automatically added in Sales Accelerator 24/7. Whether you're doing lead gen via Facebook, Google, Zillow or thousands of other sources, our Zapier Integration's got you covered.

You can also add contacts in bulk or one at a time.
Contacts Are Assigned To Campaigns 
Your leads are automatically messaged via text, email and ringless voicemail. Use our pre-loaded campaigns which are built to get your leads reaching out to you - on autopilot.

Our templates get industry defying response rates of 37%+, even to "cold" leads and aged databases.
Leads Respond To The Automation
Now that you've got leads reaching out to you, it's time for you pick up the conversation in a "human" way. The automation sequences stop and let you respond either from your computer or directly from your phone.

You can also schedule meetings, set reminders, add tasks and update your sales pipeline.
Effective Follow Up: How Many Attempts Does It Take?
Conclusion: "A multichannel approach of 8-12 contact attempts should be the 'optimal strategy' for sales people to close more business" -Dr. James Oldroyd, MIT Research Fellow
Sales Accelerator Features:

Robust Follow Up Engine Built In To The System

Integrate All Of Your Lead Sources With Zapier 

Send Automated Email & Text Message Campaigns

Send Messages Right From Your Phone

Built In Ringless Voicemail Drop Functionality

No contacts, just one low flat price 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sales Accelerator?
Sales Accelerator is an easy-to-use follow up engine build for lead generation. It uses Email, Text & Ringless Voicemail to automatically message your leads over days, months or even years.  If you want your leads reaching out to you - on autopilot - Sales Accelerator is the tool you've been looking for.
What makes Sales Accelerator different than traditional Real Estate CRMs?
Sales Accelerator was born out of a need in the market. Built in 2018, it was created from the ground up with a robust multi-channel, drip message functionality native to the system. Many of the most popular Real Estate CRMs were designed with follow up as a facet of their system, but not the sole focus. Our system's sole focus is on optimal lead outreach in today's marketplace so you can make more connections and close more deals.
Can I message people from my phone?
Yes, Sales Accelerator makes it easy to follow up with your phone or the desktop computer interface.
Does it connect to my lead sources automatically?
Yes, the system connects to 1,000+ lead sources including Facebook via Zapier!
Can I upload my old/existing leads into the system?
Absolutely! You can bulk import your leads or even your referral partners' leads as a way to revive old lists and show referral partners' immediate value.
Do you have follow up templates or do I have to build message sequences from scratch?
Yes and our templates get industry defying response rates of 37%+, including to cold leads or aged databases. These pre-loaded campaigns are built with popular Real Estate Facebook Ads in mind such as Homes Lists, Foreclosure Ads, Homebuyer Quiz's, 203k, Rent To Own, Veteran's Campaigns, Online Review Requests and our "Perfect" Message Welcome Email Campaign!
Can I manage my leads in Sales Accelerator?
Yes! The system has pipeline management, contact management, the ability to add notes and even a built in Calendar and activities dashboard.
Are there contracts or long term commitments?
Nope. Your account is billed month to month and you can cancel anytime.
LO Sales Accelerator is a software solution built for lead generation. If you want your leads reaching out to you - on autopilot - Sales Accelerator is the tool you've been looking for.
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